Thursday, April 19, 2012

Varmt välkommen till våran nya manager för Finland

Posted on February 6, 2012 at 8:45 AM

Vi på Stockholms kontoret vill säga varmt välkommen till våran nya kollega, Mari, som kommer jobba med au pairer ifrån Finland!
Ett inlägg ifrån Mari:
When I was younger, I always dreamt about working abroad for a while. During my last years in high school, I found about the opportunity that Cultural Care Au Pair offered to work as an au pair in United States. I decided to take the leap of faith, and before I even fully realized it, I was on my way to experience one of the best years of my life!
It was in the beginning of October in 2007 when I arrived to the airport in Salt Lake City and met my entire host family there. I had just spent my week at the training school in New York, and I was super-pumped and excited to begin my au pair–year. My au pair–year was full of great trips, full of laughter, full of new friends and new memories. I got to visit many exciting places all over United States, and one of my favourites was absolutely Las Vegas – coming from a small city in Finland, and then suddenly few months later walking along the strip in Las Vegas, being surrounded with all the lights and streets full of people – that was definitely a feeling I will never forget. One of my other favourite parts of my au pair-year was definitely to see what kind of impact I made on the children. I still remember my last day of work, and how the youngest one started crying and hugging my leg and just wouldn’t let me go. It was heart-breaking, but then I also realized how I really was part of their lives now for good.
I still keep in touch with many of the friends I made during my time as an au pair. I also still keep in touch with my wonderful host family – after being a part of their lives every day for one year, I still want to see how they are doing and how much the kids have grown. It has been great to see the oldest one, who at the time was 14, now to have gotten her driver’s license, her first real job, and even her first real boyfriend! It has also been great to follow how the youngest one, who at the time was 4, is now a young and excited second grader. I love to be still part of their life, even though I am so far away.
After returning back to Finland after my au pair-year, I started to work as a recruitment leader in my area. It was a wonderful experience to be able to assist other people in my age and encourage them to experience the best year of their lives. I like to think that I at least changed someone’s life for good then.
Summer and fall of 2011 were one of my favourite times as well. That summer and fall I spent working at the au pair training school in Oakdale, New York. I loved being part of the very first week the au pairs had in United States. My favourite part about the school is to see how all the au pairs are complete strangers to each other at the beginning of the week, but throughout the week they get to know each others and by the time Friday rolls around and it is time to leave, all the au pairs are hugging and saying good byes to their new best friends with tears in their eyes. Plans are being made to visit each other’s across the continent! I loved to see a new group of girls and boys arriving each week who were all in the same situation, so nervous but yet so excited for this new experience they have ahead of them.
One of my other favourite parts of working at the training school was Thursdays and taking the au pairs to New York City. As we were headed closer to the city and everyone saw the New York-skyline and you could hear the cameras clicking and the excited sighs and just to see how excited the au pairs were to experience New York City for the first time.
I still work closely with the au pairs every day, and I couldn’t imagine any kind of a better job. It is great to know that I can help other young people to experience the best year of their lives. If you are wondering about becoming an au pair, I strongly recommend you to take this leap of faith and do it!