Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Take the opportunity to go outside!

The spring sun is melting away the last signs of winter and all around town you can see people closing their eyes and looking up toward the warmth to soak it in. The sunlight does so much for us, including lifting our moods, so I would like to share some of the activities I used to do with my host children when spring rolled around in California. I had 4 wonderful children ranging in age from 6 to 12. They were a whole lot of fun, but that also came with a load of energy that I preferred to have drained outside of the house. 

 By bringing a few things to the closest park I would create an obstacle course. You can bring a lot more than these things but here are some of my favorites:

• Jump rope 
• Soccer ball 
• A stop watch (cell phone works, too) 
• A stick 
• Water bottles (it gets hot!) 
• And of course a snack or treat for the children when done.

The obstacle course could take any shape or form depending on how many children are participating, but I usually placed some rocks or sticks out to serve as “cones." You would then have one station where they could run zigzag and another one where they could run backwards or do a crabwalk. Children love to do “animal” imitations. 

Let your and your children’s imaginations run wild! They also like to be in charge of different stations.

The jump rope could be used in many ways, such as a balance line. The soccer ball is a great addition for passing around by throwing or kicking.

Just 30 minutes to an hour with these activities and you will have tired children and happy host parents.

Start the clock today and let the best time win!