Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Write it down!

Other people are the greatest source of inspiration - everyone can agree on that right? One of my favorite things to do is to sit back on my chair at the office and browse through blogs that our au pairs who are currently in the USA are writing! I love to read through their everyday-experiences, how in the beginning everything is new, unfamiliar and usually most of the time also exciting! Many of the bloggers are being very honest when writing, and they also write about the tough times - culture shock, home-sickness, settling in, disagreement - and I personally think it is important to mention about those as well - later on you can look back and see how you grew with that experience or how something what at that moment seemed so big, maybe after all was not that big of a deal. It can also be relieving for the other au pairs to see - they are not the only ones struggling with the same issue, and it is perfectly normal!

I wrote a blog myself when I was an au pair, and it is fun to sometimes still go back to those days and read about the everyday-life I was living them. Of course not every au pair needs to write her blog, but as a tips - definitely make sure to write down something every now and then - you will regret after years if you didn't!

Click yourself to our homepage and read more of the adventures from our au pairs that are currently in the USA - and also remember to check out our blog - we do write also about our experiences and try to give our best tips!


I hope all of you will have a great and very sunny week - if there is rain, read some blogs!

Best regards, Mari