Monday, May 5, 2014

Explore a new city, country and culture…

Before I went to America I did not know so much about the country. I had an idea about how the life would be and how it would look like. The first time I went there, I went as a tourist, and I really liked everything, and wanted to know more. So for me it was a fantastic experience to get the opportunity to live in the USA and get to know new a new city, country and culture!

I lived in Boston, which I did not know so much about. But I found out that it is a fantastic city, with lots of young people (due to all the universities), there is good shopping, cozy areas, lovely food and many parks and beaches.  I found friends from all over the USA and got to know lots of amazing new places and cities I never heard about before. I learned that the Americans a very open and straightforward and I celebrated “new” holidays and I tried food I did not know existed. I also learned a lot about myself and how it is to live in another country. 

To be an au pair gives you an amazing opportunity to explore America, American cities and the culture!