Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Making friends as an au pair

One of the things I was most worried about before going as an au pair was that I would be without friends. I was heading for my big adventure leaving all my friends behind.  How should I make new friends? Where should I find new friends? What if I was the only au pair in my area? What if nobody liked me? Should I be all alone? Would this make me go back home?

What a waste of time worrying! I realized already at the airport that I that I was not the only one having these concerns. Being in the same situation made it possible for everyone to share a special bound with each other. I met people during had not thought that I would be close to. One of my friends in the US was my host child best friend's grandmother and she was around 65 years old. I looked forward to every Thursday when her grandchild and my host child had their weekly play date. It was a wise lady who taught me lot about life and I could talk with her about my difficulties regarding homesickness and “living at you work”. Even if she was not in my age and not in the same situation in life I really appreciated her for who she was and her qualities.  I made friends for life and I still miss her and our meaningful discussion.