Friday, October 31, 2014

Shopping in the USA!

A while ago I went for our fall business meeting in Boston. As always it’s great to see colleagues from all over the world and talk about the upcoming year in the pink-blue world of Cultural Care Au Pair.
I spent two extra days in Boston before going home, where I got to see friends. It’s always lovely to come there, and I am lucky to have a job that allows me to travel to places I love.

I had decided before I left that I would start my Christmas shopping. I love bringing home gifts from the USA that is hard to find here in Sweden + that would be so much more expensive to buy here. I spent basically 1,5 full days shopping and ended up buying a ton of stuff – for myself…. The last few hours I pulled myself together and went to buy a few gifts that I intended to give to my father, brother in law and possibly my boyfriend.
Two weeks after I had come home, my boyfriend found the pile of things intended for Christmas and said “Oh, who is this for, I love this” and of course I couldn’t resist and gave it all to him.

So, I am back on square zero in terms of Christmas gifts, my closet is full of clothes for myself and the bank account is a little emptier than it was before. Why does it sound familiar? Because it’s what usually happens every time I go to the USA. And I love it.
Happy Christmas shopping,