Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beach 2015

Spring is here again. This week is the first week I am wearing thin skin-colored stockings under my skirt.
Again I realize that prepping for “beach 2015” did not really happen. This year I have been lazier than ever. Or rather; worked too much and spent too many nights drinking a glass of wine with friends over a delicious dinner. It’s quality time, but apparently it doesn't get you fit.

The fitness centers know this. It’s their business. They know how to take advantage of that guilty feeling.
Today they were visiting the office. And yes, I went right into their trap.  Of course I did sign up. For a year. Cost a fortune. And of course I am convinced that now it will happen. I will work out as never before. I will be super-fit once June is here. Maybe I should sign up for that Marathon after all?

Yeah. Or I’ll wait and see how the first months go.

Anyone else recognize yourself?  :) If not – maybe you want to tell me your secret?