Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My host kid is my mini-me!

Once au pairs join a new family, it is  not unusual for their host kids to start doing the things they do, saying the things they say, wearing the same things they wear. In the USA, we would describe this as having a mini-me

This is what Swedish au pair Erica Rosander has to say about her host child Julia:

Julia copies me by trying to be independent. Everything that I do by myself, she wants to be able to do herself. For example: she wants to get dressed by herself, put her dirty dishes in the dish washer by herself and put stuff in the recycling bin, put nail polish on all by herself.  I find it really cute and I can't help smiling and giggling when she's trying to do something and it is not really going her way (if this happens she usually tells me to stop laughing and that it is NOT funny). Her determination is so adorable cause when she's trying to do something she cannot do she says: “I can do it, I am a big girl, just like Erica.”

Julia and I also have similar personalities. We are both jumpy and happy. She has even started to walk like me, with her hand in one pocket or one hand on the hip. She is so open, social and not afraid to speak up, just like me. I think she was born that way and it did not have anything to do with me, but I still encourage it. We were clearly just a good match for each other.

I do my best to be the best role model for her as I can. I do the basic stuff like putting dishes away, cleaning up after myself and always try to do things on my own before I ask for help. The world we live in can sometimes be superficial and I always try to remind her that she can be whatever she wants to be. If she wants to be a firefighter, that is okay. If she wants to be a dancer, that is okay and if she wants to be a housewife, that is okay, too. I believe that planting this seed into her head will make her bloom when she is more mature and realize that her Erica was right, she can be whatever she wants to be.