Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween is almost here

Halloween hits us from nowhere every year and it seems like the fall is passing by so fast.

In the US it was easy to celebrate Halloween, because everyone did it. All friends and family dressed up, decorated their houses and prepared food and last but not least bought candy for the trick or treating in the neighborhoods.

I took my host children to buy pumpkins that we later carved and put on the porch. Except from decorating the inside walls with spider nets we put witches and axes and other scary things outside, both on the porch and in the gardens. Of course it was me, not the host children that was most scared one. 

Back home in Sweden it feels that we are slowly getting closer and closer to the fact that we like Halloween. This year I will be going to one Halloween party, of course with dress code- costume (this is in less than a week and I still do not have a costume). I will also have my little brother visiting from southern Sweden, and I will do my very best to make Halloween special to him, with both candy and costumes. I will also try do make my own pumpkin pie for the first time. This will be the ingredients Ill use. If you have better suggestions, feel free to share!

100g Butter
3 dl Flour
2 msk Sugar
1 tsk Vanilla sugar
½ tsk Baking powder
½ dl Water
5 dl Pumpkin puré
2 dl Milk
1 dl Sugar
4 msk Potato flour
1 tsk Vanilla sugar
1 tsk Cinnamon
½ tsk Ginger
½ tsk Gillyflower
¼ tsk Nutmeg
¼ tsk Allspice

Happy baking and happy Halloween!